Pure Vegetarian & Vegan Fusion Delights by Balista

Join us in experiencing the diverse flavors of Balista at our various outlets across Canada. Whether you’re in Scarborough, Ottawa, Brampton, or anticipating the opening of our upcoming locations, we’re here to serve you delicious vegetarian and vegan fusion delights. Indulge in our diverse menu of Pure Vegetarian & Vegan Fusion delights. Experience the culinary journey with Balista today!

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Quinoa Hotch Potch

Gulab Jamun

Jamun Shot

Pink Sauce Pasta

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1. Edmonton, AB

2. Calgary, AB

Balista: Elevating Birthday Celebrations

Elevate your birthday celebrations with Balista! We have specially designed meal deal for party. We will contact you soon. Let us create unforgettable memories together.

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